Drop Testing Release Hooks

Hydraulic Vibration Testing

For reliable drop testing, objects must be released from rest without adding to or taking away from the natural acceleration of gravity. Only then can reproducible results be obtained from your impact test equipment. The Oryan Corporation Release Hook Series is a cost-effective drop tester featuring state-of-the-art design. The rugged precision aluminum anodized case is CNC machined and utilizes robust features to provide years of trouble-free and dependable impact simulator performance.

Make sure your assets get the proper protection with this reliable drop tester. By providing consistent and reliable results, you’ll know just how effective your padding and packaging materials are, and what their limits are. The Oryan Corporation Release Hooks are a simple and effective approach to impact simulation. And if you ever need support, calibration, or renovation of your impact test equipment, we offer all of these services and more, not only for our own products but also for your existing equipment. Contact Oryan Corporation today to learn more about our impact simulator products and the services we offer.