Testing Equipment Renovation

The livelihood of today’s testing equipment professionals is largely dependent on the equipment they use. That’s why Oryan Corporation designs every product with your profitability in mind. Each machine is expertly constructed using cutting-edge technology and reliable materials for years of dependable performance. Every control is carefully designed to offer optimal ergonomics and user-friendly operation.

Each unit’s configuration is tailored to the task for which it was intended for unmatched performance, precision, versatility and efficiency. We deliver nothing but the best to our customers because that’s what they expect from us – and that’s what your customers expect from you. Unrivaled performance, quality, and maximum profitability, that’s the Oryan Corporation difference.

When considering the replacement of a piece of equipment, renovation may be the best option.

The renovation of a machine can yield years of reliable service for a fraction of the cost of buying new. Oryan Corporation can expertly assess your machine for possible restoration while quickly estimating costs. Our renovation process includes complete disassembly to bare metal, giving us the ability to truly rebuild the machine, returning it to better than new condition. While renovating your equipment, it is often advantageous to include our control upgrades for the latest in machine control. This process assures years of further service at an economical cost to you.

Whether you are looking for a drop tester, vibration testing table, or impact test equipment, we offer the best testing products and services available. Contact Oryan Corporation today to discuss your specific needs.

Test Equipment