Tru Drop Tester

True drop

When it comes to reliable impact test equipment, it doesn’t get any better than the Oryan RDT series of drop testers. Gravity has always been a source of potential damage to assets, and our impact simulator machines help you make sure you’re employing an adequate amount of protection against this constant threat. Thanks to the state-of-the-art design of this impact simulator, generating consistent and reliable impacts has never been easier. Control the drop height and other parameters with the touch of a button on the control screen interface.

Our drop testers feature state-of-the-art design and durable construction for intuitive user interface and reliable performance. Are you absolutely sure your assets are safe against accidental drops, falls, and other impacts? Our Tru Drop impact test equipment makes it easy for you to know exactly how much punishment your property can take before damage is incurred.

And don’t forget, we don’t just provide you with the equipment; we also offer calibration, restoration, renovation, upgrade, and support services for all of our impact test equipment. Contact Oryan Corporation today to learn more or order a Tru Drop Tester today!